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SAW House: the begining of fan-made content

General talk about the SAW franchise.

SAW House: the begining of fan-made content

Postby Cynical Corpse » January 11th, 2018, 8:09 pm

Before Working with Jigsaw and it's sister video Living with Jigsaw, there weren't many fan made videos in regards to the SAW franchise, or at least not many popular ones. But back in 2008, one channel started it all.

The idea was simple: A bunch of friends and of course the now beloved Jigsaw , sharing a house. Jigsaw wants to play his games, the rest of the gang makes him mad, and hilarity ensues.
The characters themselves are very interesting. You have Jigsaw, a very cartoony and overall silly representation of what Billy, the puppet was. He is the only one who seems to have a job (other than Peter) and who contributes to the rent. The rest of his housemates don't seem to take his "games" very seriously.
Then there's T-Dog, a gangster from California who sells drugs, likes to mess with Jigsaw, and has the highest pitched voice a gangster can have. Their dynamic is close to that of Abbott and Costello, they always get in each other's nerves and they don't mind sharing their deep seeded hate for one another, in a very comedic way.
There's also Peter, the british intellectual who tries to keep everything in order, while not going crazy in this house of madness.
Lastly, there's the mysterious character of "Fake Roach", a man in a white mask resembling the Phantom of the Opera who has taken the place of one of the housemates. Jigsaw is the only one who notices this and gets really frustrated.

Their adventures vary from Jigsaw wanting to play Monopoly to him turning into a werewolf. None of it is taken seriously, which only makes it even more brilliant.

The videos have been archived, and they're most viewed video so far has been Episode 1, with over 2.8 million views when it was first uploaded.
Unfortuntely, the creator of the series and the man behind T-Dog, Terry Wingate, took down the original 3 episodes a few years back, but due to popular demand, they have been reruploaded in their original, low queality glory.
Episode 3 remains lost.

This is what we have gathered so far
Episode 1
Episode 2
Curse of the Gypsy
The Christmas special
The Death of Jigsaw
The Lost Files
Coco cocaine Sketch

They are worth checking out since they are the grandfather of all the modern parody fan made content of SAW that we see today.
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