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Hoffman in the Bathroom

The traps come alive. Is it really the "Final Chapter"?

Re: Hoffman in the Bathroom

Postby Tais Hoffman » November 18th, 2017, 8:09 am

Faerie Tanith wrote:
Tais Hoffman wrote:I think he is dead. He was locked in that room and I think there's no way he could have survived. On SAW Wiki, they say he died and the cause was "likely dehydration or starvation".
And, you know, I do love Mark Hoffman, he's my favorite character, but I hope he is dead. His story in SAW franchise needs an end and I think it ended in SAW 3D.

My sentiments exactly. He's my favourite, and I love him, but him being alive wouldn't make any sense now. His time is up.

Exactly. It doesn't make any sense if he is alive.
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