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The Needles

Sequel or Prequel?

The Needles

Postby RealmOfLutherNiles » August 9th, 2017, 2:22 pm

One thing I can't wrap my head around yet is that one scene in the trailer, where the victims are provided with three syringes. Has anyone been able to figure out what their purpose might be?

There are three syringes and four victims. Naturally, the first thing to come to someone's mind would be that the syringes are needed to survive, so the person who doesn't get one inevitably dies. It might be an antidote for something, but other people also suggested that it might be adrenaline to somehow compensate the blood loss they might have suffered in the trap before.

However, it looks like Ryan attacks Carly with all three of those syringes as if he wanted to kill her. The frightened look on her face and the way Anna and Mitch stare at her while standing behind Ryan also support this theory in my opinion. If someone actually has to be killed with these syringes, they probably contain some kind of poison. But if they have to kill one person, wouldn't one syringe be enough? And in at least three scenes in the trailer, it looks like the group members are actually trying to work together and help each other, so right now, I somehow doubt that they would kill each other, at least not early on in the game.

One idea I had is that Ryan doesn't really attack Carly and the trailer was just purposely edited so it looked as if he tried to kill her, while in fact he doesn't. Also, Ryan seems to be the joker of the group, so he could simply pull some kind of a Freddy Kruger prank on her without any actual intention to harm her. However, this still wouldn't explain the purpose of the syringes.

Another theory I had came to my mind when I remembered that scene in Saw II, where Jonas says: "We don't even know what's in those syringes. You willin' to stick yourself in the arm to find out?" I could imagine that Jigsaw tells them that these syringes will help them, but the victims don't trust him and think that the syringes are somehow hazardous. Then, the others attempt to kill Carly for some reason. Maybe they find out that she assisted in their abduction (similar to Obi in Saw II) or they blame her for having been chosen by Jigsaw (assuming that they are all there for the same reason and Carly is mostly responsible for it). Later on, it might turn out that they actually would've needed the syringes and suffer the consequences for not using them. This could be another reason why Anna later says "You know what happens if we don't follow the rules."

But anyway, I'm eager to hear your ideas and thoughts about this because right now, this might be the scene in the trailer which confuses me the most.
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Re: The Needles

Postby Jigsaw_Expert » August 9th, 2017, 5:59 pm

I think syringes contain poison and they have to choose who among them will be injected, leaving one lucky person without it. That's probably why they get hanged by the collars, because they'll initially refuse to poison anyone so the collars will retract to the ceiling to warn them. Then with three of them poisoned, they'll have incentives to enter what will very obviously be trap rooms to win antidotes.
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