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New Idea - Eleanor + Logan

Sequel or Prequel?

New Idea - Eleanor + Logan

Postby Sinwhale » October 3rd, 2017, 1:50 pm

The one thing that's been bothering me is how the Eleanor character is being pushed from the promo material to be associated with the Jigsaw business and it feels really weird. Specifically in this picture http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3348730/mediaviewer/rm3780716288 she's sitting comfortably in a couch in front of workbenches and traps, smoking and being generally cozy . In front of her there's a table with books, alcohol, tea and plans that could be trap designs. Her face and stance shows that she's overly comfortable with the location. In promo material that she's in her work clothes she seems to be acting differently than in the ones she's not. Like a Klark Kent character hiding another persona.

So what's the theory based on the above ?

A big twist in the sense of how SAW movies work, specifically the ones that we don't know who the killer or the associate is (I,II and IV), would be that from the early minutes of the movie we meet the person responsible for all these new murders via machinations/traps. In this case, this "person", copycat(s), is revealed to be the couple of Logan and Eleanor, not necessarily coupled romantically, maybe as equals or more probably master and apprentice (the apprentice being Eleanor) working also as forensics for the police.

If this is the case, there's the absence of the mystery of course as we already know the most important answer to the question the movie seems to stand for. The next part of this theory that twists that point again is that even though it is revealed early to us who the copycat is it is also revealed at some point that the new Barn game (notice the new part) is not designed by those two. So then the thriller begins while the cops are chasing the copycat while the first copycats involved in the police hunt also hunt the other copycat.

This whole thing fits with the Logan line "Ten years ago a game was played" as he's probably explaining his experience with the Old Barn game to his apprentice as well as his fear of Jigsaw being back from the dead.

Even though the Barn game we see in the promos seems to be of modern age (especially with the new design of Billy) the thing that points into two different Barn Games/Timelines for me is the difference of the background to those two pictures https://imgur.com/wV5nsyO https://imgur.com/nYNyhLK Maybe this last one is a leap but I'm pretty excited for the idea of cops hunting Jigsaw while copycat Jigsaw hunts new Jigsaw if that's the case.
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