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Slightly late thoughts!

Sequel or Prequel?

Slightly late thoughts!

Postby LitmusG1 » November 3rd, 2017, 1:44 pm

Hi guys, I’ve been waiting for my account to activate so I can give my thoughts. I really the film and really hope it does well enough for a sequel next year. If anything i was perhaps temporarily slightly disappointed when I was leaving the theatre, but my view changed in the hours to follow and I hope to see it again this weekend.

Just some random thoughts...


As many people on here no doubt are, I’m firmly in the camp of ‘I’m not a huge fan of gore, but for the saw franchise I make an exception’.

I’ve seen a few reviews online and on IMDB which suggest Jigsaw is full of over the top gore. Did they watch a different movie?? I thought the gore level was toned down significantly, it’s without a doubt the least gory since Saw 1. I don’t really count the dead bodies in the lab as gory (they are no different from what you might see in a police drama) and the traps were nowhere near as gory as usual.

On one hand I found it quite refreshing, but on another it’s perhaps one of the reasons I left the theatre a little unsure of what to make of what I had just seen. It’s the first Saw film I’ve seen in the theatre, all the others were on dvd and either the unrated or ‘extreme’ versions. Maybe the others were toned down in the theatre too? If so I’d love an unrated release in a couple of months time. Not because I love gore, but because it’s a Saw movie if that makes sense.

Also if they deliberately toned it down to attract new fans or to appeal to a wider audience, I wonder how this wider audience are supposed to know it’s less gory. The trailers didn’t give it away, and I’d probably have a hard time convincing someone who was grossed out by Saw 3 or 4 that this is one is different.

So I kind of liked the lower gore factor in a way as it much easier to sit through than expected, but really I’d like to see a bit more in the sequel just to give it that authentic Saw feel, and am looking forward to see if the dvd version takes it further.


Given the timeline of the film, I actually really liked the traps. They felt a lot more basic, simple, and in that respect, I thought they were in line with the John Kramer of Saw 1. They didn’t need to be any more elaborate than they were and they all fit really well in the barn setting.

Now as many have pointed out, there is a discrepancy in how modern and hi-Tech everything looked, which makes it less like Saw 1. My way of justifying that though is to consider this move 1/3rd prequel, 1/3rd sequel and 1/3rd reboot. I think they are well within their rights to modernise everything but still to claim it happened 10 years ago. This happens with lots of modern sequels and were probably over analysing. So I was fine with that.

The needles/injection bit was a little weird as the girl clearly though 3.47 stood out, yet they didn’t try that one on her. But whatever, there are some ways you can explain that away I suppose. I’d love to see a unrated version of the blender/spiraliser trap. The leg in the wire too - I’d love to find out they made a more explicit version of this for the dvd but who knows.

The shotgun trap was great (plus I love that John was possibly making another trap we haven’t seen during that scene). I agree with others that this scene could have been made 5 mins longer to make it more intense, but it still worked. The laser trap worked well too but I don’t really want to see lasers again, and the cgi wasn’t amazing at the end.

Overall the traps worked well, they were practical rather than gory but it kind of makes sense to do that given the timeline.


Overall I really liked this movie. I must admit my very first reaction when walking out of the cinema was of slight disappointment, but the more I thought about it afterwards the more it made sense and the more I think I liked it.

I’m not really fussed about Logan but then I didn’t care much about Hoffman either but he worked.

I’m going to see it a second time and I have a feeling I will like it even more, now that my expectations have been changed.

I would recommend it to Saw fans, but also to people who have never seen any of them before. If you are new to Saw and this is your first film, I would warn you that this and saw 1 won’t prepare you for the traps to follow in Saw 3-7, but you’ll have a lot of fun finding that out for yourself!!
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