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Jigsaw II

Sequel or Prequel?

Jigsaw II

Postby RealmOfLutherNiles » November 5th, 2017, 4:22 am

After reading kramersson's thread about his idea for a Saw prequel, I thought about my personal ideas for the future of the franchise. However, my ideas are about a classic sequel similar to Saw III or Saw V.

The movie starts with a flashback of the war in Fallujah. Logan is imprisoned in a camp by the Taliban. During this time, he is drugged, tortured and interrogated about his comrades. Eventually, he is saved by his comrades, led by Keith Hunt, as they take control of the camp.

-Main Storyline-
In the present timeline, Logan just leaves the barn after the events of "Jigsaw" and is found by Keith and the police. He shows Keith the tape of Halloran's confession. After that, the movie makes a jump in time.

We see an episode of the "Daybreak" talkshow, where Donna Evans interviews Oswald McGillicutty, a reporter who is known for his work on the Jigsaw story and for criticizing and mocking the police for their work on the case as Jigsaw and his apprentices were always a step ahead of them. At the same time, an informant of Oswald, Officer Patrick Solomon, is killed in a trap inside an abandoned building.

Two weeks after the events on the pig farm, Logan returns to work. He talks to Keith, who informs him about the identification of the rotten corpses of the four barn victims, which had been found there by the police. Furthermore, he informs Logan about Oswald McGillicuttys new smear campaign against the police and also tells him that Eleanor Bonneville is interrogated by a detective named Jackson Kendall as she is still a suspect due to the traps found in her studio.

In flashbacks, we see how John treats Logan's injuries from the Buckethead Trap and tries to recruit him. Logan refuses to help him and leaves the room. However, as Logan remembers this first brief conversation and the things that John said to him, he decides that he has to continue the games in order to clear Eleanor of the charge as he didn't plan to frame her for the games.

Back in the present, Oswald McGillicutty receives an anonymous envelope with a puzzle piece drawn on it. The envelope contains photos of Officer Solomon's corpse as well as an audio tape. The tape tells Oswald that he is now part of one of Jigsaw's games. Over the years, he has destroyed the reputation of many innocent people for the sake of his own career and stories. Now he has to play the game in order to uncover the truth about a real crime. If he refuses to do so, he is threatened to suffer deadly consequences. He decides to play a game and solves one of Jigsaw's riddles, which lead him to the place where Solomon died.

Meanwhile, Logan and Keith talk about Eleanor, as neither of them believes that she is actually the killer. However, they are interrupted by the commissioner, Byron Harris (the chief of police from Saw V), who sends Keith back to the IA unit as his undercover mission against Halloran is over and he has no reason to stay with the homicide unit. Additionally, he tells them that Eleanor is sent to prison for the recent murders. However, it is obvious that he only wants to use her as a scapegoat to calm down the public and stop Oswald McGillicutty's campaign.

After that, the scene switches to Oswald, who reaches the crime scene of Officer Solomon's death. He learns that Solomon was tested because he sold inside information about police investigations to Oswald and thereby "betrayed his badge." Additionally, he is informed that the corruption within the police department goes even deeper. Oswald then finds another riddle, which leads him to the next location of his test.

Meanwhile, Logan returns home. In another flashback, it is revealed that he was visited there by John a few weeks after the Barn Game. This is also the time when Logan was involved the case of Alistair Schultz, the man who killed an 8-year-old girl and who was briefly mentioned in "Jigsaw." By using his hatred against criminals, John finally convinces him to become his apprentice.

Once again back in the present timeline, Commissioner Byron Harris openly denounces Eleanor as the Jigsaw copycat during a press conference. At the same time, Oswald reaches an abandoned factory, where he witnesses the game of another victim, Angela Marshall. Angela has been targeted because Commissioner Harris occasionally bribed her so she testified against members of the police department that Harris wanted to get rid of. One of these members was Detective David Tapp. This is also the connection between her and Oswald, as Oswald already worked on the Jigsaw story ten years earlier and used his articles to destroy Tapp's reputation after the death of Sing, which was one of the main reason's for Tapp's discharge. Angela survives her test and Oswald takes care of her wounds before they leave the building together.

Some time later, Logan visits Eleanor in jail. She swears that she isn't responsible for the murders but is suspected because of her studio. While she could convince the police that she only built the trap replicas as some kind of hobby, the police also found the hacksaw in the hidden closet, which had the fingerprints of Mark Hoffman on it. In a flashback, it is revealed that Eleanor managed to locate the Nerve Gas House ten years earlier and thereby found Hoffman inside the bathroom, severely weakened but still alive. It appears as if she left him there to rot and therefore hesitates to tell the police about it as she is afraid to be punished for letting Hoffman die down there. Logan promises her to find evidence for the truth and get her out of prison.

Further flashbacks show John and Logan's first game, which focuses on two gang criminals and drug dealers, Mitsuka Ito and Ronnie Navarro. This is the first time that John uses the version of Billy that we know from the first seven films. Thereby, we also get the explanation how Hoffman got his hands on Billy to use him for the recording of Seth Baxter's tape.

Back at the police station, Logan talks to Keith and tries to convince him that Commissioner Harris only used Eleanor as a scapegoat for the Jigsaw crimes to save the department's reputation, even though he knows that she isn't the killer. Unnoticed by them, Harris listens to their conversation.

Meanwhile, Oswald and Angela managed to solve the riddle, which leads them to the next location of the game. There, they find Kara Tapp, David Tapp's widow, in another trap. Years ago, Tapp had managed to find evidence for Harris' corruption. However, Kara held them back and covered up the truth as she was too afraid of Harris. Furthermore, she also testified against her husband when she was threatened by one of Harris' man. Together, Oswald and Angela manage to save Kara from her trap. However, she is severely injured and dies shortly afterwards, but before she succumbs to her wounds, she tells him that the evidence against Harris is hidden somewhere in her apartment.

After his conversation with Keith, Logan returns home, where he is attacked by an unknown assailant. The man kills Melissa's babysitter, Judy Simmons, right before his eyes and threatens Logan to kill Melissa if he doesn't stop his investigation.

Later on, Oswald and Angela enter Kara's apartment and find the evidence she told them about. With these information and Angela's knowledge about Harris, they have everything they need to publish the truth about them. However, there is one final riddle, which leads them to the last location of the game: the Gideon Meatpacking Plant.

Afterwards, we get to see an extended version of the flashback where Logan and John built the Reverse Beartrap. During their conversation, they also talk about Hoffman, who had been recruited by John at this point, which adds some new meaning to their discussion about revenge we saw at the end of "Jigsaw". Nonetheless, Logan wants to avenge Judy's death and targets Commissioner Harris, knowing that he is responsible for the attack.

Meanwhile, Oswald and Angela arrive at the Gideon Plant, where the killer has prepared a live stream. Oswald has to face a final test and must overcome a trap on his own. He manages to do so, confesses his past sins and publishes the truth about Commissioner Harris' crimes.

At the same time, Logan attacks a man, who comes out of Harris' house, and tries to sedate him. However, as he injects him with an anesthetic, he realizes that the man isn't Harris, but Detective Jackson Kendall, who previously interrogated Eleanor. Just as Logan realizes this, he is attacked by another assailant with a pig mask.

Later on, Logan wakes up, chained to a pipe inside the bathroom. In flashbacks, the events shown throughout the films are further explained: Years ago, Eleanor managed to locate the underground tunnels and thereby found Hoffman in the bathroom. She didn't free him, but also didn't leave him to die. She provided him with everything he needed to survive, thereby keeping him as some sort of a living trophy. However, she eventually became submissively dependent on him due to her obsession with Jigsaw, while he seemingly developed some kind of Stockholm Syndrome because she saved his live. Together, they found out that Logan was the new Jigsaw Killer, who continued the games. Eleanor didn't care about this until she was suspected by the police. At this point, Hoffman convinced her that Logan framed her on purpose. During the events of "Jigsaw", she finally released him as she was afraid to be sent to prison shortly afterwards. However, she wanted to avenge herself on Logan and as she kept him alive for all those years, Hoffman agrees to help her.

Throughout the film, it seemed as if Logan set up Oswald's game in order to give Eleanor an alibi, as she couldn't be responsible for the game because she was in prison at the same time. However, at the end we learn that the game was set up by Hoffman, who intended to give Eleanor an alibi and also wanted to frame Commissioner Harris with the help of Oswald McGillicutty. It is revealed that Harris was arrested after Oswald published the truth and is killed in prison shortly afterwards. Furthermore, we learn that Detective Jackson Kendall was the man who bribed Angela Marshall for her false testimonies, threatened Kara Tapp and attacked Logan at his home, all on Harris' orders. Hoffman had forced him to act as a bait for Logan as he already anticipated that Logan would go to Harris' house after the death of Judy. With Eleanor being cleared of all charges, she and Hoffman anounce to Logan that they are going to play one final game with him.

That's it for now. It's far from being perfect, but those are just the very first ideas that came to my mind and therefore, it's just the first very basic version of the script. I will probably continue my work on the script once I get the time and add, change or drop some things.
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Re: Jigsaw II

Postby kramersson » November 5th, 2017, 4:56 am

This is awesome! I really liked it how you try to incorporate connections to the previous films (and games!) and previously characters. I think throughout your script there were actually a few twists, followed by a big twist. That's awesome and this is very detailed. I hope the producers get to read this.
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Re: Jigsaw II

Postby Logan_Nelson » November 5th, 2017, 3:13 pm

I like it! Did you read my thread about possible directions for Jigsaw II? You seem to have borrowed my theory about Eleanor finding the original locations and I'm totally cool with it because of how well I think it would be as a twist.

I think we can all agree that Eleanor finding the bathroom needs to happen to Jigsaw II :D
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Re: Jigsaw II

Postby manyofhorror » November 5th, 2017, 3:24 pm

Really like this idea, probably the best way of continuing the franchise. You've set up the new characters, now lets get back to business. Just an idea, maybe tone down the references to Hoffman throughout the movie, if we want the twist to be impactful I think the nod at where Eleanor found the saw is enough, nothing with Logan and John speaking about him (they could maybe speak about Dr Gordon in a scene to throw people off). Im usually hesitant on the trap happens while cops do things but when it works together into the twist Im all for it, unlike Saw V when the game just... happens.

Love Kramerssons idea too but I think thats the place to go when it proves this formula of Saw movie doesnt work anymore and they have to go full prequel.
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Re: Jigsaw II

Postby LukeG » November 6th, 2017, 6:42 am

Is some of this from the video games? I remember the Oswald character
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