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Gotham Inspired Jigsaw? Saw Inspired Gotham??

Sequel or Prequel?

Gotham Inspired Jigsaw? Saw Inspired Gotham??

Postby kramersson » November 5th, 2017, 4:34 am

So I was just watching Gotham Season 3 Episode 6 last night and man for a second I thought I was watching Saw. BIG SPOILERS for people who haven't watched that episode yet - else, pls read on. Let me just summarize some points I thought were interesting.

-Jervis Forces Jim to Make a Choice-
In one scene, Jervis puts 2 people on the roof of a tower and one kid on the street directly below. He calls Jim and asks him to make a choice to either save the 2 people falling from the roof or the kid who will be hit by a semi truck. Those people are all hypnotized. Jim can only save one and not the other. So he has to make a choice. And you know what, Jervis even said - "The choice is yours"!

-The Handgun Scene resembles The Shotgun Scene from Jigsaw-
In another scene, Jervis forces Jim to go to a warehouse where he puts 2 people in a chair with a sort of electric helmet on that would fry them at the push of a button by Jervis. Jervis asks Jim to kill one and the other one will be saved. Else, he will kill them both. And what can Jim use to kill them? A handgun. But not just any handgun, this handgun looks like a short version of a shotgun with a curved handle. And this gun is put in EXACTLY the same way the shotgun was put in Jigsaw where 2 pieces of wood holds the gun up on its own. Try to google it to see what I mean. You cannot help but to think back to the shotgun scene while watching this one.

-Jervis on TV-
In relation to the above, the way Jervis tells Jim to make a decision is via coming live on TV, much like Billy The Puppet comes on TV to tell his test subjects what to do. Even the TVs were the old style big block ones that they used throughout Saw.

-Chains and Bathroom-
Here's the final one that I picked up. Immediately the next scene from the handgun scene is one where Valerie Vale and Lee Thompkins were put in a bathroom with chains on their ankles. Hello? Callout to Saw, anyone? The only difference here is that the bathroom is a nice looking one inside a house and not a filthy one inside a warehouse.

I think there are way too many things here resembling Saw than mere coincidences. However, because this episode was first aired in Oct 2016, it might be a case where the shotgun scene in Jigsaw was inspired by this episode of Gotham. So many there is some mutual respect from the people on both shows. I don't know, I just found this really interesting. I recommend people to watch this episode even if you have not followed Gotham before - maybe you'll even pick up more things that I missed!
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Re: Gotham Inspired Jigsaw? Saw Inspired Gotham??

Postby ItsNeverOver » November 5th, 2017, 10:01 am

(Spoilers for series 4) In the most recent episodes it revolves around a killer that wears a pig mask. Don't think thats too much like saw? Well he sets up a trap for the police where they walk into a room, find a person wearing a pig mask, shoot them down, which turns out to be a victim. Then they get killed by a rotating turret. Almost just like saw 7!
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