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My Likes and Dislikes of Jigsaw

Sequel or Prequel?

My Likes and Dislikes of Jigsaw

Postby Logan_Nelson » November 6th, 2017, 8:14 pm

Hello, Saw Freaks. While I love Jigsaw and eagerly await the announcement for Jigsaw II, I think it's fair to mention some of the qualities, executions, or performances I did not enjoy as much as I wanted to. I don't want to enable a biased contempt for anyone or anything regarding the Saw franchise, so this isn't meant to sway anyone in either direction. This is my personal opinion, and I'd love to hear yours.

Opening Scene

Liked: I thought the introduction music was so cool. The way it began so quickly and in your face was awesome, like the series was pulling you back in forcefully to show you how rewarding the 7 year wait was. The music reminded me of The Terminator mixed with Saw, which I personally was thrilled about. I liked that it didn't start with a trap and made the audience wonder what was about to happen. 3 seconds in, and its balls-to-the-walls action! A new game has begun and we have some new faces to pay attention to, and the actors look like they belong in the role. Excellent casting.

Disliked: The camera angle when Edgar runs over the spike strips and crashes makes the setup seem kinda hoakey and forced and should have been shot differently, like from inside the car or something. Only other dislike is the acting seemed particularly weak in the intro. All actors seem to convey a "first day on set" vibe that took just a smidge of intensity away. The way Edgar says "I'm not fucking dying" and "the game...it's started" struck me as poorly delivered. This is the only spot where I wasn't impressed with the acting, but my concern is that since it's the opening scene, this probably irritated people who were looking for a reason to dislike the movie to begin with.

The Barn Game

Likes: I enjoyed just about everything involved. Making the farm belong to Dale Tuck keeps the connection to John distant enough that it's believable that no one would find bodies there for a decade. I've been to properties in the northern part of Canada where there is privately owned land that no one visits, and if a place is locked up properly no one will get in if they even come across it. So props to the location and it's use in the plot. All but one trap are really cool and creative, and the milking room was a neat way to mirror the bathroom from Saw I a little bit. It also fit well into the narrative of the twist due to the fact that barns age well and use industrial equipment which misleads the audience as to when it's taking place. The final trap with the shotgun was amazing! I didn't think I'd be so sympathetic/hateful towards the characters by the end of the Barn game but boy was I in for a surprise! We start off hating Ryan and rooting for Anna, but we are proven to be just as wrong as the victims when Anna turns out to be Queen Turd of Shit Island and Ryan truly regrets what he's done. Brilliant. They screwed with our hearts and I thank them for it.

Dislikes: The silo trap was a little embarrassing in my opinion. Mitch already activated a trap by pulling the tape player off its string, and when he realized it took two people to reach the one in the silo trap he could have just told her to play the tape instead of pulling it down to avoid activating the trap. I mean, you know you're in a silo and that the only door will likely close. Only way to make that not silly would be to infer that the tape players are aesthetic and the pulling of the string activates the traps. And when the grain is filling the silo, all you'd have to do to survive is stand off to the sides and step up with the grain. Then things fall from above and gravity is apparently really strong in this silo, as Anna gets punctured by some nails? I really did not enjoy that. Also Ann should not have jammed a metal rod into the motorcycle, during the execution of the Spiralizer Trap. She should have used the handle from the pitchfork or shovel because wood snapping in a tire is fine...but a metal rod? I'm not so sure. Last dislike is Ryan's dialogue. Too much comic relief from him at first. We were all hoping that the "that's not creepy at all" line was just bad editing in the trailer and it turns out to be just as painfully awful in the movie as it was in the teaser. Super cringey and not necessary. Praying to satan it's removed in the director's cut.

Jigsaw's Return

Liked: They found a way to make my arm hair stand on end and my skin crawl at the same time. What an intro for Tobin Bell, who was easily the star of the movie yet again with his incredible conviction to his role as Jigsaw. Using the otherworldly aspect of him resuming progress on his games despite his corpse being desiccated and decayed (and missing!) was a neat way to incorporate a paranormal element to the Saw universe while refusing to actually inject nonsensical supernatural mumbo jumbo.

Dislikes: I was not a fan of him having a change of heart during one of his games. He is too smart and calculating to be that hypocritical. I know he hadn't figured his MO out yet but I would have preferred that he saved Logan due to an error on his part regarding his sedation. Either way, I still enjoyed how Logan teaches John that he can't be vengeful when making traps. The reason why I think it would have been better for John to make an error is because it's poetic justice. Logan makes an error, John punishes him with a test but he himself makes an error and realizes he can't be the person he's testing. That would be brilliant. They took a lower road with him just being vengeful but it still played out nicely.

The Ending

Likes: Made me feel like I was watching Saw I again. Lasers gave the trap a modern and fresh look, the fake out death was really cool, more so because of the psychological terror it presented to Halloran and the door closing after the somber explanation was excellent. They couldn't have ended it any better. It's almost like they planned the movie's ending first and then made the story lead up to the ending in a general believable and intense way.

Dislikes: By the time they had headed to the Barn, I was whispering to my girlfriend that I was certain the killer was Logan. More on him later, but I felt that the laser trap fell short because of the method of execution. As soon as those lasers come down, you know that his head should have burst open, but it doesn't, so as Halloran is being tested a smart viewer is already going "Hey, wait a second! His head didn't blow up! Is he faking being dead?" - only to find out that oh, he was faking being dead, and that's the twist. So I figured it out I guess. And that's if Passmore's acting hadn't given anything away to the viewer beforehand. I'm also not a fan of the new slogan "I speak for the dead". Not only did I feel the delivery was a little too rushed, it felt like they used the first take of him saying that, and it could have been way more sinister. Last dislike is the CGI for Halloran's head collapsing. His hair stays in place....like they were not even trying to make it look real, they just wanted it to look gross and shocking. In my opinion they should have invested in the final death being practical effect with minimal editing to really make people freak the fuck out. All the other gore was super realistic, and trust me when I say that as I have worked with deceased individuals of a gory nature. But that Terry's chocolate orange meets the creature from Stranger Things' looking CGI death was just a mouthful of black liquorice after a feast of caviar and champagne. Please don't do that again.


Eleanor and Logan are great characters that I hope are prominently featured in Jigsaw II, and I feel like they both belong in the Saw universe which is great; they're a good fit for permanent characters and that's hard to pull off. However, each character did have some characteristics and performances that I did not enjoy and feel should be shared. I loved everything about them except for these few things.


A beautiful woman who serves as an excellent ambassador from the real life Saw fan base to the now-fictional one. She has potential to be even more important than Logan in Jigsaw II (read my post about how I believe she found the original bathroom) and has already proven herself to Logan and the viewer that she is capable of setting up everything required to carry on Jigsaw's legacy and smoke a joint while she does it. But can she BECOME Jigsaw? Can she embrace his code and live by it? We don't know...yet. Brilliant character.

So why does she say things like "he looks a little pale" about Bucket head and "Jig-fucking-saw"? Inexcusably silly lines for a woman of her stature within the show. I get that they are trying to play her off as more innocent than what she shows her superiors but I think we would have been just fine without those lines. And Lionsgate owned HoJ so I think they should have used that website instead to give direct fist bump to the fans.


They have presented us with Logan Nelson, the new Jigsaw. I love his character's story and involvement, and I think they have crafted a better, fairer version of Dexter. Which is awesome because that show was such a letdown.

However, I think they made it ridiculously obvious that Logan was the killer. From the beginning of the movie, they focus more on him than the other main characters, he's the only one who has a tragic backstory that is made clear to the viewers (mega red flag when Keith says "sorry about you're wife, you okay?" followed by Logan's intense yet empty gaze), and they show Logan's scars for no other reason than to confirm the suspicions of anyone paying attention to the movie. They also gave him terribly unconvincing dialogue in Eleanor's mock-lair. He should have freaked out on her, not quietly tell her to get rid of it. He was so cool about it that it told the viewer he'd seen it before. So by the time we get to the barn, I'm assuming it's either Eleanor or Logan but I'm almost certain the writers won't pick a female Jigsaw due to the fan-pointed-out problem Strahm conveyed about Amanda not being able to help John alone in Saw IV. So Logan becomes the likely candidate, and his death fakeout confirms the twist that's about to happen, seeing as it's on the movie poster....why did they even put him on there? Like, way to give it all away from the start. As much as I absolutely loved the movie as a whole, I think Logan's character was probably the most disappointing in retrospect. I let myself get into the movie but my brain couldn't ignore the red flags that he waved throughout the movie. I hope that they either write him better in Jigsaw II or he becomes a side character as a new badass comes forth from the shadows and Eleanor gets more screen time.

So those are my likes and dislikes about the movie! I love just about everything the movie had to offer, but I had some natural disappointment with a few things, mainly Logan's obvious involvement, the CGI final death, and the bad acting at the beginning of the movie.

I hope this resonates with you and I hope to continue discussing what was so awesome about Jigsaw so that we stand a higher chance of making a comeback as a community and ultimately influence the plot of the sequel!
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Re: My Likes and Dislikes of Jigsaw

Postby LukeG » November 6th, 2017, 8:45 pm

I really enjoyed the detectives as well.
Its a shame Halloran is dead. He was a greasy creep, but I loved that. Thought Kallum fit right into the Sawverse.
Detective Hunt also was great. Gave a cold, familiar performance that we are use to the detectives in the Sawverse having. Hope to have way more of him in the possible sequel.
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Re: My Likes and Dislikes of Jigsaw

Postby Tais Hoffman » December 3rd, 2017, 11:39 am

I liked that Logan is the new Jigsaw, he's already one of my favorite SAW characters. :D I think he is a good character and I hope he's better taken advantage of in the next films.
Ryan was a big surprise for me. When I saw the movie trailer for the first time, I thought he would be stupid, but he surprised me (positively).
I just did not liked that some scenes were very fast and some traps were a little weak, but it's ok. :D
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