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Why not the name of website

Sequel or Prequel?

Re: Why not the name of website

Postby Logan_Nelson » November 18th, 2017, 2:08 pm

manyofhorror wrote:
Logan_Nelson wrote:Oh definitely inspired for sure...but to not use one of those seems like a missed opportunity. Average movie watchers or newcomers wouldn't know any different. Only the people who were part of the site would know, and maybe some of those buzzfeed type websites that use stuff like that as "news" and "journalism". But it'd still be cool.

I can picture the Buzzfeed post now, 'SOMETHING IN JIGSAW EXISTS IN REAL LIFE, THE ANSWER IS SHOCKING!' :lol:

lmfao it's so true

"New Jigsaw Movie Hints at Website of Cult Followers, What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind!" *please click read more to continue to read the full article*
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