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Logan vs Gordon

Sequel or Prequel?

Logan vs Gordon

Postby kramersson » November 20th, 2017, 12:07 pm

the incorrect x-ray flip was done by logan, so does that mean he was actually the primary doctor looking after john before gordon came into the picture? if he is then i would assume someone busted his ass which probably put him on the bench and thus gave his patients to gordon. if that is the case, how did he even come back to be able to take another job as an autopsy examiner? he probably would've gotten his license revoked or something.

and either way, this means logan must've known gordon since anyone handling x-rays at a hospital would know or have connections to the doctor actually responsible for the patient, if that's not himself in the first place. he probably told on gordon to john as well! like below:

logan: hey jiggy, u thought i was bad mixing up ur x-rays? well guess what bro, gordon here mixes up his lovers! =)

john: what? seriously? affairs are so distasteful...to me.

logan: alrite then put him in a test, i also know this weirdo that has a weird name called Sap or something, probably no one cares about him though so u can probably utilize him.

john: nobody cared? his family cared, the hospital accountant cared, look at my fucken facebook friends list, i cared! i cared! and his name is Zepp.

logan: alrite alrite chill, hes ur friend i get it but if you put him in the game, no one would suspect you or anything related to him cuz hes so weird.

john: fine i guess you have a point, let's do itttttttt [*jiggy then does the flip-hand bulls sign with his tongue sticking out]

logan: niceee, that was downright slick.
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Re: Logan vs Gordon

Postby Faerie Tanith » November 21st, 2017, 12:37 pm

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