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Jigsaw's Traps: Lowest Lethality Rating of the series.

Sequel or Prequel?

Jigsaw's Traps: Lowest Lethality Rating of the series.

Postby Teiseja Melchiora » November 21st, 2017, 9:01 am

This is going to be a long winded topic by virtue of explaining the by points. So lemme be a lil more blunt than most threads of this nature. :3 In this thread I'm going to explain 'why' the games/traps in Jigsaw have a severely low lethality rating and what it could potentially mean for the future of the series.

First lemme poke the immediate question.

What the ****'s a 'Lethalithy Rating'?

Lethality is a term I used to combine a Trap's overall 'potential to harm/murder'. Deadliness would imply that a trap is ALWAYS designed to kill you where as something more like Dangerousness would imply a more benign thing that becomes harmful only under the wrong circumstances.

Lethality takes into account a Jigsaw trap whenever you're 100% 'Playing to win'. It removes horror-genre induced brain farts, terrible decisions, and other things that characters do simply 'because there would be no plot' otherwise. However it does not cheat and assume outside knowledge that a player wouldn't have in his or her trap.

Here's some examples of Lethality in application. I will be providing a theoretical for the first example for a simple to follow dichotomy.

Saw I - Bathroom Trap- Adam's Side (without Amanda)

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: Without the interference of Amanda waking up in the bathtub would lead you to soon discover a key around your anklet. You unlock your shackle, leave, game over. No possible damage taken as a result of this Test.

Saw III - Classroom Trap

Lethality Rating: 100% Fatal

Why: Aside from outside tampering, it is physically impossible to remove a chain welded through your jawbone. And ripping out your jaw anyway would lead to Saw 3D-style consequences. Zero escape options, zero chance of surviving the damage of a nail bomb at point blank range.

Now that we have a very rough breakdown as to how Lethality works. Let's take a look at the prior 'Lowest Lethality' entry in the series. Saw V.

I'm splitting up the Main Game and the Side Traps both for a more complete analysis as for an important point to make at the end of this.

Saw V - Main Game

Necktie Trap

Lethality Rating: Minor Bruising

Why: In addition to all the keys fitting all the collars, in a worst case scenario players can simply work together to allow one person to quickly fetch their own key and release themselves. In tandem this freed individual can fetch the keys for the other players. It is likely you would need to remain tense enough to prevent falling entirely back into the carving blades at maximum range. Therefore minor bruising around the collar's pressure areas is likely.

There is zero chance of the trap killing anyone when played properly.

Ceiling Jars

Lethality Rating: Minor Cuts, Minor Eye Damage

Why: Glass isn't anything to take lightly. Even a well aimed swing is likely to have shards of glass flying in all directions. While retrieving the keys and fitting into the shelters will result in no damage at all the the players, these glass shards are likely to cause multiple shallow lacerations. Primarily around the face of the swinger and around the arms of bystanders. At the very worst a stray fleck could find its way into the eye. But it is unlikely to do more than cause painful irritation and soon be blinked out.

Electric Bathtub

Lethality Rating: Highly Subjective; Ranging from Damaged Muscles to Death

Why: Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, like glass, electricity isn't anything to just willingly let flow through your body. Tasers are relatively low on the power scale and yet they can bring grown men to their knees in an instant, even while high on the effects of pain-negating narcotics. Under the worst of circumstances, even a basic taser has the potential to kill someone via heart disruption.

For now, we're going to give this trap the benefit of the doubt and consider any potential victims under optimal circumstances to survive a jolt. You will still walk away with burn marks on your hand holding the conduit and small muscle tears due to the involuntary spasms that will occur as soon as all players form a circuit.

10 Pints of Sacrifice

Lethality Rating: Extremely Harmful to Fatal

Why: How about we let the picture speak for itself here?

https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/saw ... 1220194101

Even under five player, optimal circumstances, in order to lose enough blood all players involve are going to have their hands split half up to the wrist. Shock through blood loss, loss of function in the torn hand, the dangers of bone marrow leaking into the bloodstream. Without immediate medical attention this trap will create long term, unrecoverable side effects; if not kill the players outright from the aftermath.

We'll split the difference here and say the average results are 'Permanent Disability - Varying Degrees' but inevitably one person WILL die of the damage listed above.

Saw V - Bonus Traps

Pendulum Trap

Lethality Rating: 100% Fatal

Why: Outright stated in the series to be rigged with zero chance of escaping the binds. The human body cannot survive unattended after being completely carved in half. Even with immediate aid survival is highly unlikely at best unless whatever chopped you in two has 'capped off' your abdomen.

Water Cube

Lethality Rating: 100% Fatal

Why: Now because I know someone's thinking 'But Strahm survived!', a reminder that Lethality rules do not allow outside knowledge or 'writer's aid'. Strahm only survived because the writer for Saw V set him up to survive.

In order to escape the Water Cube the following things need to be in play:

-You need to be carrying a pen on you at all times.
-You need knowledge of your anatomy.
-You need the physical power, skill, and pure blind luck to hit the EXACT point on your neck not to die.
-Also you need someone to know where you are and be on their way to extract you.

The Water Cube will, without fail, kill any and all non-fictional players.

Shotgun Chair

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: Padded restraints, comfy chair, shotgun specifically set up to not be lethal by John himself. Very often could you ask for a more optimal Saw trap to survive. Only thing getting wounded here in this trap is your ego.

The Glass Coffin

Lethality Rating: 50% Fatal

Why: Why such a bizarre rating? Because the Glass Coffin is designed to be a game played by two people. As such one will always live, one will always die. If you're not the one inside of the Coffin there is no physical way for your body to stop the walls from closing in.

Final Lethality Results for Saw V:
-Five minor neck bruising
-Five minor arm cuts
-One or two lightly scratched eyeballs
-Five electrically burnt palms
-Five torn shoulder muscles
-Five crippled hands
-Four unavoidable deaths

Pretty low body count for a Saw film at the end of the day isn't it? So how on earth could anything possibly be lower? Well...

Jigsaw - Main Game

The Cutting Room

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless to Minor Lacerations

Why: As we saw in the movie, the depth of the cut/amount of blood sacrificed doesn't matter. One little nick and you're free to go. So pull yourself up to the blades, nick your shoulder a little, and you're free to go.

...but there IS a better solution to this problem. And it's something I mentioned last month before the movie even aired.

https://i1.wp.com/bloody-disgusting.com ... .54-PM.jpg

As you can see the slots for the chains to pass through are only wide enough for the chain alone, while straightened.

-Remove your shoe.
-Wrap the chain around it in a ball.
-Jam the chain feed.

Because the actual buckets themselves have no penalty mechanism, there is literally nothing more this trap can do to you. However I see the immediate counter argument.

"But isn't that cheating?"

Here's the rub. Despite what John said, once, in Jigsaw, he actually actively does nothing to prevent anything that might be considered cheating in the game traps. I will point these moments out as we go along the Barn Game. That and recall that John respects ingenuity and most importantly, survival instinct (as long as that instinct isn't to harm others for your own gain.)

Price of a Life

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: This one's pretty straight forward. John specifically picked a solution that would stand out to a distressed mind. Carly found her solution extremely quickly by Saw standards, even under duress. And (as a fault of the film's editing/direction), was able to clearly say aloud which syringe was the correct one.

The ONLY reason she died was due to writer-induced brain failure on Ryan's behalf. John created this trap to have a clear, easy solution and provided an optimal circumstance for that solution to be executed (I'll address this bit later.)

And as for our 'cheating' discussion. Note the tape said you needed to inject the 'Correct' solution. Implying that killing her would result in a team-fail state. Further reinforced by the nature of the Shotgun Chamber. However John proves here that breaking his rules do not ultimately matter since the players are allowed to progress anyway.

No Exit/Grain Silo

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: This one's pretty simple. Don't touch the door. Or, if you must, do not approach it in a straight line. If you stand at ANY other angle you can approach and interact with it safely. While this skirts the line of outside knowledge, I would argue that by this point you'd be treating any floor like it's laced with landmines.

Fun Bonus: Not only IS this door an exit, but as proven by Anna, an exhausted, average strength individual CAN break it open with the right tool. So, congrats, by not walking in a straight line you've ended the Barn Game right here for you and your other four players!

...but that wouldn't be as fun would it? :D


Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: Ahhh, now THIS is what I've been waiting for. I'm sure there's more than a few raised eyebrows right now but I assure you...the Spiralizer is actually one of the MOST ironically harmless traps in the series. Let's look at some screenshots and see how fast you can spot the problem here.


Not yet? What about...now?


See, back when I was first breaking down this trap I was going to point out a more complicated, but ultimately valid solution.

-How Mitch hangs in the air for nearly half a minute before being lowered.

-How you'll notice the actor barely moves while snared. Because essentially a 'sit up' motion will get you rocking back and forth from that tether.

-How the edges of the Spiralizer's outer shell are so close to him that it would take a small motion rock to get over, grab on, and drag himself over the edge before entering the bladed center.

-How, by Anna interfering, we have 100% proof that Jigsaw does not consider evasion OR tampering to be cheating and will not punish you for doing so.

But then....but then...

That, freaking, motorbike.

You don't even have to rock back and forth.

Just reach out, grab the bike, drag yourself onto it during the (very slow) lowering process.

Spiralizer evaded...because of it's own power source. :smoke:

...aren't you supposed to be an engineer John?

Shotgun Room

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: John said it himself, the game is simple. Don't kill each other. Eventually get bored, fiddle with the shotgun, roll around the casing for something to do, hear the keys inside, get the keys, off you go.

Jigsaw - Bonus Games

Is the Detective here?

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: Ultimately I will admit this rating is difficult to make because there is some crucial information missing about how the trap functions. But here's the thought I want you to share with me. ...WHY would you ever play this game?

"Get the detective here by X o'clock or you die."


Poison? A poison designed to kill you a X o'clock on the NOSE if you fail? No.
Explosions/Clamps/Any Device in general? He wasn't wearing one.
Direct Assassination? Obviously your would-be killer's not there and he doesn't WANT to be there, that's why he's having YOU do the fetching.

So what do you do? Get in your car, drive to another city (if you suspect the police force in yours involved) and go to the police there. What's he going to do? Chase you down in his Sawmobile? :lol:

Laser Head Collar

Lethality Rating: Absolutely Harmless

Why: Logan himself explained it (for too long) pretty much outright. Don't be a jerk. Hit your own button (or at the very least don't hit your opponent's) and confess to your darkest crime. Collar will turn off and you're free to go. Had Halloran not tried to 'kill' Logan he'd have gotten off the hook without even a sun tan from the lasers.

So wait, is Jigsaw a series of games with absolutely no consequences whatsoever?

...not exactly...

Logan's Barn Game - Cutting Room, Price of a Life, Spiralizer

Lethality Rating: 100% Fatal

Why: Well...let me do the tally then we'll come back to this.

Final Lethality Results for Jigsaw:
-Five Minor Lacerations
-Three Unavoidable Deaths


Now that makes Saw V look like a BLOODBATH by comparison.

So, why did I say that Logan's Barn Games were 100% fatal?

Look back at the Barn Game ratings for John's game, how I explained that not only were these designed to be as far from fatal as possible; but he even went out of his way to allow 'cheating' at ever single turn to give them as many chances as possible to avoid death. John's touch, while scary to behold, is ultimately gentle.

Even at his WORST John does not want people to die. He wants them to success, to find the motivation to carry on in the world.

Keep that in the back of your mind while we look at two crucial differences in Logan's Barn Game.

1) Logan's corpses were far more brutalized than John's.

2) Logan used three players, not five.

Why are these details important?

First, think back to when Logan 'failed' the Cutting Room trap. What happened? The saws dug into him pretty good and he spent a solid ten seconds up against that wall with them carving into him before John shut it down. And I mean near FLAT against that wall. Even at that range the saws didn't cut deep enough to put Logan beyond saving.

Now think about the condition of Logan's Buckethead victim. His entire head was carved, CLEANLY through. In order for this to happen Logan did not faithfully recreate John's version of the Cutting Room. The only way this could have resulted is if Logan:

-Used larger, sharper saws.
-Provided more power to the saws so they could cut through quicker.

In short, Logan set out to intentionally make his trap FAR more lethal by John's right out the gate.

This is further backed up by the choice in number of players. Think about this in terms of a snowball effect.

->What happens if you have three players in the Cutting Room and one dies?

<-Then only two enter the Price of a Life Game.

->How does this change the dynamic of that game?

<-With only two players, one can easily physically dominate the other. Without 3-4 additional players to act as a calming point/group morality base the idea of one murdering another to live isn't a byproduct of bad judgement. But rather a foregone conclusion of a 'No witnesses' scenario.

->What does this mean for the Spiralizer taking into account everything above?

<-This means the Logan's Spiralizer was never designed as Test, but as an Execution Device ala Amanda. By rigging the game's flow to murder any other players before this room, Logan ensures there will be no other people around to pull and Anna and try to circumvent the trap's motors. Additionally it is likely, based on the proof that Logan 'enhanced' the Cutting Room, that he removed the flaws I pointed out in the original Spiralizer.

->Does this start to sound familiar?

<-Correct. Logan is going down the Hoffman/Amanda pathway of making his traps as unfair as possible.

Now as for how this could all be set up for Jigsaw 2 plot threads, what those are...is discussion for another topic.

For now I'd like to give people time to chew on this one and see what comes of it. :cool:
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Re: Jigsaw's Traps: Lowest Lethality Rating of the series.

Postby kramersson » November 21st, 2017, 10:05 am

will give you A for effort.
hope you get more than 10 replies to justify the time you spent on typing this out.
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Re: Jigsaw's Traps: Lowest Lethality Rating of the series.

Postby LitmusG1 » November 21st, 2017, 12:46 pm

Ditto the A for effort comment :)

So what are you suggesting the lethality rating should be for a good trap? In an ideal world I think the idea is to cause yourself pain to avoid death and if you do that you’ll survive. So unless the trap is rigged, none of them should actually kill you. (Ignoring those where it’s a case of one person living and the other dying). So are any of them actually lethal? If not, where should the balance be?
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Re: Jigsaw's Traps: Lowest Lethality Rating of the series.

Postby manyofhorror » November 21st, 2017, 3:01 pm

Damn you really went to town on this one, props for that!

I think there needs to be a balence of lethal and non-lethal traps. I'm probably in the minority of people that thinks the bucketheads worked better as a sacrifice than one person must be shredded (however there was a thread a week ago saying it shouldve been body parts increasing in size to avoid just small cuts, which was a better idea). As a game goes on the tension and stakes need to be raised, so it makes sense starting with a simple non-lethal trap.

Then again, there are just traps which are just lethal for the sake of being lethal, such as Amandas inescapable ones. I hope we move away from these for good, the inescapable trap stories have been done and I think we all agree a great death is made in Saw when someone has a chance of survival.
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Re: Jigsaw's Traps: Lowest Lethality Rating of the series.

Postby Faerie Tanith » December 21st, 2017, 4:52 pm

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