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Producers Audio Commentary Spoilers

Sequel or Prequel?

Re: Producers Audio Commentary Spoilers

Postby RealmOfLutherNiles » February 22nd, 2018, 10:33 am

Sawrules8 wrote:Also did anybody go back and check on that red ink writing clue from other movies I’m rewarching the movies again and the producers said that John Kramer always writes his notes that say play me in black ink and the red ink was one of the apprentices Ik 3D is the most obvious when Hoffman wrote the SURVIVE acronym on the walls. We’re there any other times?

Almost everything after Saw II was written in red, aside from very few exceptions. However, it's obvious that John still designed and planned most of these games, even though he wasn't able to built them all on his own due to his physical condition.
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Re: Producers Audio Commentary Spoilers

Postby Saw Warrior » April 2nd, 2018, 5:20 am

I would love to see more from the jigsawrules site...

I mean, how do the users know the Jigsaw traps? The saw used in the bathroom trap ( there was a replica inside of Eleanor's studio ).

It's obvious that the owner could be either Gordon or Logan, considering they have worked with Jigsaw since the beginning and they both know the traps.
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