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My Jigsaw 2 Pitch

Sequel or Prequel?

My Jigsaw 2 Pitch

Postby Sawrules8 » October 26th, 2018, 2:46 am

My Jigsaw 2 Pitch

We open the film with John Kramer actually taking his time in constructing billy the puppet. We get an actual song montage of him making it, filming it, and creating the audio tape for it. The last shot is of a man (whose face we don’t see) in a trap and him waking up to billy saying hello, I want to play a game. Cut to a title card.... Jigsaw 2

Next we Recap the events of the last movie with Halloran dying. Logan exits the building and pushes a button.

Outside a complete stranger picks up Eleanor and then they watch as the barn blows up, destroying any further evidence of Logan’s involvement from the past as well as the bodies.

Just then a man in the pig mask drugs Eleanor and the stranger (let’s call him Joe) soon after the explosions.

It’s the next day and we cut to
Keith who is search for Halloran, Logan and Eleanor.

Deceive Fisk returns as the police commissioner.

He reminds us about the last know jigsaw apprentices Amanda and Hoffmans, stating that they can’t be behind it as they have both been dead for 10 years. (Sorry Hoffman lovers). He’s being pressured to go public with the disappearance of Halloran, Logan and L but he says that the jigsaw murders have returned.

Then Eleanor and Joe wake up in a cage along with 3 others and Logan. The cage is connected to an entrance of an underground tunnel. The 3 others are members in the cage turn out to be friends of Eleanor’s Jigsaw Rules site. When L ask Logan about what happened. He lies and say Halloran knocked him out and next he knows he’s there with them. (During quick flashback it’s revealed that he was in the pig mask who captured L and Joe)

Billy returns and tells them all that they have all be selected to be potential candidates to carry out jigsaws life’s work. It is revealed that they are given the choice to enter the underground tunnel and search for all the tools needed to carry out John Kramer’s work and legacy or turn around and leave. But after the 60 second timer is up the door to the tunnel will be sealed forever. Should any one else interfere with this game the bombs in the tunnels will explode and the mystery of Johns work will be lost.

Joe’s decides he’s out and leaves and says he’ll let the police know where they are.
The 3 jigsaw rules dark web people enter without thinking.
L ask Logan to join them. Logan hesitates but goes with L.

During the time in the tunnel Logan and Eleanor get to interact more with each other and they grow closer, but Logan is clearing using her for help in the traps.

The 5 people have to play the game and survive 4 tests to prove they are worthy of carrying Jigsaws work.

(I’m not a trap guy but think of 3 traps to kill people and the 3 jigsaw fans end up dying)

One dies by second guessing his beliefs in jigsaw and pays the price. One dies by not trusting the rest of the group and being selfish. And one dies by trying to kill Logan and L. All traps include lessons us saw fans can identify with during Jigsaws teachings throughout the movies.

Logan reveals to L the backstory of how his wife was murdered. She was killed in a drug deal gone wrong and was caught in a cross fire with Edgar Munson.... hence why logan tries to kill Edgar in the crossfire as payback from Last Movie.

Throughout this film we get flashbacks of Logan’s time with John, Keith in the military, his time with his wife and daughter, and his time in rehab for his ptsd.

In the B plot Keith and Fisk monitor the place from the outside as one of the jigsaw rules participants in the game has a camera that is upload in the internet while they are being tested. Keith makes the efforts to go after and save Logan as a former brother in the army back from Falluja.

As far as the flashbacks with John Kramer go. It is revealed that the puppet was first used on the victim from the opening trap. It’s based on the toy from his son billy. The person in the trap got his son killed and John thought of his own son Gideon.

There are some scenes with John and Logan. Logan tells John he wants out and is given a second chance in life with his new wife Christine. John tells Logan to leave and and raise his daughter with his Christine. John is reminded that just because he failed in creating a new life with Jill and Gideon doesn’t mean that Logan has to suffer the same fate as he did. Logan says goodbye to John and tells him that Amanda can take over for him. (If he only knew)

This will cause John to then take Amanda on as an apprentice

The Twist(s)

Logan and L are the last two left and the final twist is one person must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to receive the key to Jigsaws work and legacy.

Logan tricks L into sacrificing herself thus making him eligible to receive the information needed. Logan then reveals his true motivation to Eleanor that he wanted to use her and her crew to get the information he needed to continue Johns work. He intended to take L to the tunnel after Halloran took the bait by following them to the barn. Halloran would be the perfect scapegoat, Eleanor and her crew would be dead and he would carry on the jigsaw reign. However based upon L’s sacrifice (such as losing a body part... maybe an arm) she is the one declared the winner of the game.

And in a twist..... Logan relizes he’s made a mistake and goes back to save her life. After seeing all the potential she’s made in trying to carries out Jigsaws legacy, he has a change of heart after witnessing her test. Logan’s plan was to have her die but after spending the time with her and seeing her desire and care for John’s work, he couldn’t let her die. Logan says in the end he is reminded why he left in the first place and thought that when his wife was killed his work with John would be the best way for him to cope with his lost wife and his ptsd. But after seeing what L did for Johns work he realized that maybe he doesn’t need to be alone again. He can help her become a true Jigsaw Disciple.

Twist #2 Joe (the guy who picked up L in the truck) is the guy from the trap in the beginning. He survived and was also working with Logan. (Not Jigsaw) he’s loyal to Logan from the army days. (So joe is not a jigsaw apprentice like Logan.) Logan asked him to join. It was also revealed that is was Joe and Logan who kidnaped Hoffman from Saw 3D (not Brad and Ryan).

Joe told Keith and Fisk about the tunnel but it was a trap and they find Jigsaws remains instead in a different tunnel... and with a billy the puppet laugh... the coffin explodes killing Fisk, couple cops and wounding Keith in the process. (Ik bringing back Fisk to kill him sucks.... but what kind of character was he really to begin with? Keep Keith alive I say since there’s history with his character and Logan and have one of the old saw cop character pass the torch on the the new guy)

Back to L and Logan. Joe returns from controlling the traps and demands Logan to kill Eleanor. Logan and him fight and Joe dies from the full effect of L’s trap thus killing him. A box appears in front of Eleanor. Inside is a VHS saying play me and several yellow envelopes.

Logan carries Eleanor out of the tunnel and police arrive to arrest Logan (after Keith figures out the truth) as a slow piano version of hello zepp plays in the background.

End credit scene: Hoffman is alive and reads paper saying that jigsaw is back. Now wants revenge (okay I couldn’t help myself lol)

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