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Jigsaw speeking to amanda

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Jigsaw speeking to amanda

Postby gramz » July 12th, 2016, 1:40 pm

Does Anyone else relise that the letter hoffman left for amanda saying kill jill or i'll tell Jigsaw what you did in regards to gideon etc, does anyone else relise that jigsaw tells amanda when he is lieing on the bed to look in his middle draw as there is something for her, that is where the letter is, so jigsaw knows about the letter, this isnt made into something in the film, surely amanda would relise jigsaw led her to the draw, at no point does hoffman say oh tell amda there is something in the desk for her. so its jigsaw directing her to it and thus directing her to relise that jigsaw is playing her in the game. and its her that has to make the right decision other wise jigsaw would surely of killed he4r long before if he knew what hoffman thought he didnt know :) :) knowne else seems to get this. and i think the film in editing didnt relise that this bit dosent make sence. i have all saw films, infact i have 2 of some of them as i scratched some up and this is the only bit i dont get , if it was shown in the flashback as amanda is relising its her game that jigsaw knew of the letter then fine but it dosent,its a easter egg only the keen eye and ear will spot.
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Re: Jigsaw speeking to amanda

Postby IKnowWhoYouAre » July 12th, 2016, 4:38 pm

There are a few other topics in the forums that address this question, so you might want to try and find them if you want some in depth answers/discussion. Basically there are a few theories, such as, Hoffman switched the letter Jigsaw originally intended her to find. There is also the possibility that Jigsaw knew she was involved with Gideon's death and the letter was a test as part of her game, she was given a choice to kill or not. Whether Jigsaw knew she was involved or not is up to interpretation at this point and can change the interpretation of what happens, if Jigsaw didn't know, then Hoffman basically blackmailed Amanda and in doing so orchestrated Jigsaw's death.
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Re: Jigsaw speeking to amanda

Postby Faerie Tanith » June 10th, 2017, 2:42 am

As far as whether or not John knew about Amanda's involvement in Gideon's death... this is a man who knows intricately minor details about perfect strangers simply through watching and studying them. Do we really think he was clueless about Amanda's part in Jill's miscarriage? If anything, in addition to her being a drug addict, doesn't that alone make her a perfect candidate for one of his tests?
My theory there is that John knew. He couldn't NOT know. He just never addressed it. Whether or not Hoffman knew that John knew was another matter, but he was playing dirty with that letter anyway so I wouldn't be surprised if he was perfectly aware John knew but chose to play on Amanda's ignorance to bend the game. He knew he could count on her fear of what John would do to her.
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