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SAWfreaks.com Rules & Info

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SAWfreaks.com Rules & Info

Postby Jigsaw » July 12th, 2011, 9:35 pm

The Rules

After some issues on SAWfreaks.com I see forced myself to make some rules as every community has.

First of all, it's not the quantity of the posts, it's the quality!

Don't bother other members with weird spelling, we want to keep this community on a good level. We are not in the kindergarten.

No Spamming
If you would like to advertise your website(s) on SAWfreaks.com you can feel free to do-so in your signature, profile, or in the Websites section. You can even mention your website in your posts as long as the post itself is productive. We will not tolerate users going to every forum on SAWfreaks.com and just posting the link to their website. Spamming the link to your website will only give you a bad reputation here. No one likes a hardcore spammer. If that's not enough advertising options for you, contact me about a link exchange.

No Abuse of the Private Message System
Using the private message system to spam other users with the link to your website will also not be tolerated. Also, if you're using the private message system to abuse another user, that will not be tolerated. If you're participating in a mutual flame-war with someone and you wish to discuss it over private message, civilly, that is fine.

No Personal Information
Don't go around posting another users personal information. By personal information I mean their first & last name, addresses, etc... I don't see why this stuff would need to be posted, but when people have a hatred for eachother, they will certainly do it.

No Porn
This is a Horror board, not a pornography board.

No Pirate Links
Don't post this stuff on the board. No requests for the stuff, either. If you must, limit it to private messages only.

We don't want to ban anyone. We will if we have to. We have massive amounts of patience, and value all of our members. Banning is our last option.

This could be done in public, or privately. Basically, it's just a verbal warning for something you have done wrong.

Depending on what you have done, usually if you neglect warnings, you may receive a suspension. This could last from one day to three days. Depending on the severity of the issue. We don't like giving out suspensions, and issues should not go this far.

This is what happens when you have obviously done something really wrong or trolling the community.

The Info

What's SAWfreak.scom?
SAWfreaks.com is a website and community for hardcore SAW fans worldwide, besides the community there is many SAW based stuff around the website. You just need to look closer, the devil is in the detail! If you don't know what SAW is, then you might be on the wrong website. SAWfreaks.com is the right place to discuss about SAW and Horror related stuff on the internet.

What are the SAW points?
Everything you are doing on SAWfreaks.com (especially inside the message board) will be rewarded with points as listed below.

1 point for each post
2 points for each post (in the SAW topics)
2 points for each new topic
3 points for each new topic (SAW topic)
4 points for each new poll
50 points for registration

50 points for finding the "X"
Link: "Just remember, "X" marks the spot for the treasure."

10 points for finding Billy
Link: "Oh my god, I just lost Billy!!!"

Individually points for "6 Numbers 6 Chances"
Link: "6 Numbers 6 Chances"

What can I do with the SAW points?
Link: Here you can see what you can "purchase" for your points.

More to come...

The rules of our game have been made very clear. You need to abide by those rules.
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